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    A gentle voice called, “Come follow Me” and a man named Peter was drawn to respond. Like Peter you can learn why that invitation is so important and wonderful.

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    Founded in 1975

    Proclaiming Christ Crucified,
    Risen and Coming Again,
    Through the Gospel in
    Word and Sacraments

  • About Come Follow Me

    ComefollowmeCome Follow Me is a movie that depicts what it means to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus. The movie recounts the experience of the Apostle Peter — his misunderstanding, denial, doubts, and fears. The answer for Peter is Jesus who assures his disciple of forgiveness through his death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. The way for Peter to be a follower of Jesus is found in the power and promises of Jesus’ word. In the same way as it is for us.

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  • WELS Connection

    July 2015 – World Missions – Thailand
    In the 1800s, new Lutheran immigrants in America stayed connected to relatives back in the old country… often encouraging each other in the faith. Today, that trend continues, but the old country isn’t Germany… it’s Thailand.

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    Start each week day with a short Bible reading, devotion, and prayer. Monday through Friday a devotion is provided by WELS and WhatAboutJesus.com.

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